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THOUGHT is the creative power, or the impelling force which causes the creative power to act; thinking in a Certain Way will bring riches to you, but you must not rely upon thought alone, paying no attention to personal action. That is the rock upon which many otherwise scientific metaphysical thinkers meet shipwreck—the failure to connect thought with personal action.


We have not yet reached the stage of development, even supposing such a stage to be possible, in which man can create directly from Formless Substance without nature's processes or the work of human hands; man must not only think, but his personal action must supplement his thought.


We believe quality of life depends on what we believe and how we live based on that belief. We believe we have power to change our lives and bring greater life to ourselves.


Since most of us have not been taught how to control our destiny, we collected items that could help to transform our lives by giving valuable know-how and directions.


Ultimately how you live your lives and values you give to your lives are up to you.

We wish Good Fortune to your lives... 


The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart--
this you will build your life by; this you will become. 
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